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Love Crystal Confetti

Love Crystal Confetti

This is a Crystal Confetti Love Mix!

This Love Crystal mix contains: Rose Quartz Tumbles, Red Jasper Tumbles, Selenite Tumbles, Strawberry Quartz Tumbles, Clear Quartz Chips, Aura Clear Quartz Spheres, Mini Gemstone Towers (Carnelian, Red Jasper, Rose Quartz), Love Charms, Carnelian Hearts, and Dried Rose Petals.

This is sold by a chest full (about 8.0 oz = 1 scoop). Remember each scoop is done randomly and by chance and will be unique. Please no special requests on what you will get.

***Since these scoops are done randomly and are by chance, you willingly purchase scoops not knowing what you will get therefore there will be no refunds for not liking what you got.*** (No Refunds)

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