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Medieval Crystal Confetti

Medieval Crystal Confetti

Let the Universe give you what you need, whatever you get will be specifically meant for you! These scoops are all by chance, and are scooped randomly. Please don't expect to get what you want, but expect to get what you might need. ✨This is not for you if you wish to mostly get goodies over crystals, please do not buy. ✨

This whole Crystal Confetti mix contains:
Ceramic Whistle, Roller Bottles, Gemstone Chip Spell Bottles, Mini Notebooks, Yes/No Coin, Gemstone Bracelets, Macrame Gemstone Holder Necklaces, Fashion Necklaces, Palo Santo sticks, Gemstone Rings, Black Tourmaline Rings, Medieval Metal Spoons, Mini Swords, Selenite Sticks, Raw fluorite, Raw Pyrite, Clear Quartz Cubes, Tiger's Eye Spheres, Tea Light Candles, and Spell Candles.

Mix Tumbled Gemstones: Mexican Crazy Lace, Sphalerite, Dragon Bloodstone, Tigers eye, Smokey Quartz, Labradorite, and Dream Amethyst

***Since these bags are put together randomly and are by chance, you willingly purchase scoops not knowing what you will get therefore there will be no refunds for not liking what you got.***

This is Sold by the bag or chest.
Remember each bag or chest will be unique so don’t assume you will get the same items as others. Please no special requests, that would defeat the purpose.

If you don't mind me revealing your goodies online, leave your @ in the notes section during checkout. Recording requests are not accepted, recorded orders are chosen randomly! PLEASE Don’t message me asking for your order to be recorded! 

NO REFUNDS after item has been shipped.

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