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Crystal Mystery Box

Crystal Mystery Box

Mystery Crystal Boxes!!

1. Choose your Mystery Box value.
2. List your favorite Crystal, Color, Zodiac sign in the notes section during check out.
3. Do you prefer quantity over quality? Or quality over quantity?

How it works:
-There is a variety of Mystery Crystal Box price values to fit anyones budget! Once you choose your Box value I will intuitively choose items from my shop that will add up to the Box value you have chosen!❤️

What can be added to this Box?
- Mostly Crystals and Gemstones but also anything that is on my website including Necklaces, Bracelets and some mystery items. 

*I will never give you anything less than what you paid for! For example if you get a $22 Box and the items I chose for you add up to $28 you will only pay $22! BUT There will be times where the items do add up exactly to the price value you chose.

This is a Mystery Box, so you will not know what specific items you will be getting in the box and you agree to be content with what is intuitively chosen for you when you purchase! Therefore I will not except returns once a box has been shipped, delivered, and opened.

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