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Mystery Capsules

Mystery Capsules

Mystery Capsules!!

These Mystery Capsules have a little bit of everything from my shop including, crystal towers, spheres, carvings, clusters, bracelets, necklaces, incense holders, Spell Jars, tarot cards, oracle cards, bags, hangs, candles Keychains, rings and much more! 

Here's how it works: Choose the amount of capsules you want and I will randomly grab them from the bucket. Each capsule will have an item name written on paper and you will get that item! Check out the item list below if you want to see the possible items that you can get. 

If you don't mind me recording your Mystery Capsule Order leave your instagram and tiktok @ in the Notes section at checkout! 

List of All items in capsules: Alter Plate, Hand Bell, Abalone Shell, Suncatcher, Wind Chime, Wooden Shelf, Crow Dr Incense, Holder, Tarot Deck, Gemstone Bracelet, Pentacle Necklace (Opalite, Amethyst, or Obsidian), Incense Holder w/ Incense, Divination Set, Alter Cloth, Moon Dish, Journal, Witch Broom, Chakra Set, Aura Zebra Jasper Tower, Rose Quartz Tower, Moss Agate Tower, Blue Rose Quartz Tower, Crazy Lace Amethyst Tower, Rhodonite Tower, Crazy Lace Agate Tower, Snowflake, Obsidian Tower, Sodalite Tower, Moss Agate Skull, Red Vein Jasper Skull, Polychrome Jasper Palm Stone, Blue Calcite Palm Stone, Dendritic Agate Palm Stone, Druzy Agate Moon, Selenite Heart, Dream Amethyst Pendulum, Rose Quartz Oil Roller, Gemstone Cork, Yooperlite Palm Stone, Obsidian Witch Cat, Golden Healer Leaf, Raw Rose Quartz, Raw Howlite, Lab Butterfly Hair clip, Amethyst Butterfly Hair Clip, Rose Quartz Butterfly Hair Clip, Square Garnet Hair Clip, Ocean Jasper Sphere, and Fluorite Spheres.

There will be no duplicate capsules so you will get something different for every capsule that gets chosen! It is possible to get two of the same carving but gemstone material will be different. 


***Since these mystery capsules are done randomly and are by chance, you willingly purchase these not knowing what you will get therefore there will be no refunds for not liking what you got.***


NO REFUNDS after item has been shipped.

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